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Hair Enhancement: Only for longer and thicker solutions?

Hair extensions come in all shapes or sizes. There is literally something for everyone. You just have to commit.

Thicker hair. Longer hair. Curly hair. What hair extension method is for you?

Hand tied hair extensions:

Invisible Bead Extensions was created to fill the gaps left by other methods being utilized in the industry. Where other methods leave women feeling discomfort from their extensions, IBE promises a damage-free and comfortable installation. When other extension methods require 3-6 weeks in between maintenance appointments, IBE® offers a more durable method with the ability to go twice as long in between reinstalls. While many extensions leave guests feeling exposed with certain hairstyles, IBE® gives seamlessness from every view. It offers flexibility and comfort even when worn up in a ponytail. This patent pending method quite literally “flipped” the extension industry!

This comes in different lengths and straight, wavy and curly.

Shop Goldielocks which supports the IBE Method and use code GOLDIE10 for 10% off.

Combline & Vlight:

CombLine hair enhancement is a fast and easy application system that gives the ability to use your favorite hair brand to create invisible, light weight and super comfortable bonds. An extremely versatile application used for both thickening and lengthening, it is for both men and women of all ages, lasting up to 8 weeks, it can be applied to the fringe, top, sides and crown areas, a “REAL all over application”. With the ability to straighten, blow dry, color and perm over the bond.

V-light resin adhesive for hair extensions bonds the hair after only seconds. No residue afterwards. Water resistant and there is no problem washing and treating your hair normally.

Tape Hair Extensions:

For quick applications that never sacrifice style, reach for Babe Tape-In Hair Extensions.

Our tape-ins are made from 100% Remy Human Hair and medical-grade adhesive. The installation process is fast yet provides long-lasting wearability, making it easy to create show-stopping transformations.

This comes in 4 different lengths and straight or curly.

All these methods require a commitment. We can only guarantee the results with the investment of the recommended brush,shampoo/conditioning system and with proper maintenance care.

Make sure to email me at or call 703-488-8919 for more information.

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