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28 days til Fall

With the new season around the corner, I thought it was time to change a few things up. Often times, I have clients ask me about hair products, tools and trends. However, this isn't the only thing I get asked about. I also get asked about makeup, clothing and even where to travel. So I thought why not start a blog where it can be about beauty topics but also things that I like which would help for you to get to know me a little better. So, since I'll be traveling to Vegas next week, I will take you in my suitcase.

So first thing for my hair products, I always consider the weather of where I'm going. Vegas as you may know is supppperrr hot! So my shampoo will be a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner. I LOVE 7 Seconds from UNITE I use the shampoo/conditioner and once I get out of the shower I spray in their leave in detangled. This leave in has the following benefits:


• Daily use for all hair types • Repairs, locks in color and strengthens • Provides thermal and UV protection • Safe for extensions & chemically-treated hair

I have hair extensions so I use styling products that I know will give me a couple of days of not washing without the build up. I love the Smoothing Cream and the Signature Serum from . Not only do they smell amazing (I'm hoping there's a candle in the works in the near future) but it controls the frizz and it's not heavy at all. I'll also link the leave in from Goldie Locks in case you need one if you have hair extensions. Shop here

You can use this code ROCIO for 10% off products eligible for discounts. Applies to subscriptions and one-time purchases. Limited to first purchase, does not apply to recurring payments.

Hopefully, this was a little helpful of what products to use in humid weather. If you have questions specific to your hair texture, you can email me at

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